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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nugget: The Broadband Divide

Sorry to immediately top my big essay with a "digital governance nugget," but I'd like to direct everyone to this article from Salon about broadband. They ask: why is it that Americans pay through the nose for crappy 1.5meg connections and call it "broadband" while the rest of the developed world is screaming along at 30megs? Salon's answer is: Bush Administration telecom policy, which is something I belive Dr. Shulman mentioned in our 2nd meeting.

Fair warning, Salon is not one of those freebee websites... I'm a subscriber because I believe in their independant journalism (and also in Tom Tomorrow cartoons) but you can read the article without paying by getting a free "day pass"... you just have to watch a streamed TV commercial... streamed at your paltry 500k connection, probably.

Here's the direct link to the story:




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