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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who is Harriet Miers? And who owns her blog?

I was chatting tonight with my friend Rene, a journalist in Phoenix, AZ. She pointed me to the spoof site http://harrietmiers.blogspot.com/, which is hillarious, by the way. Then she pointed out another site: http://justicemiers.com, which is a little weird. The biographical info on the site seems legit, however it was presented in such a haphazard way that it gave the impression it might be a disinformation campaign: a subversive attempt to pass off fake information as real to embarass the real supporters of Harriet Miers' candidacy for the Supreme Court of the United States.
I tried to use some of the tools suggested by Snyder in Chapter 3, Searching for Truth. I went to internic and typed in justicemiers.com. Here's the result:
Whois Server: whois.omnis.com
Referral URL: http://domains.omnis.com
Name Server: NS1.MESSAGE101.COM
Name Server: NS2.MESSAGE101.COM
Status: ACTIVE
Updated Date: 02-oct-2005
Creation Date: 29-sep-2005
Expiration Date: 29-sep-2006

Next, Snyder suggests going to the "whois" server cited in the listing: whois.omnis.com, however the operation timed out, so I was not able to get any more info that way. However, Omnis Network, LLC is obviously a legit operation of some kind... I took that name to Google.
Google gave me a site with "review" of Omnis, that was in fact nothing more than a self promotion page by Omnis, a web hosting service. According to their promotional pages, Omnis handles the domain name aquisition as well as all the hosting for websites, so it would be a good assumption that the owners of justicemiers.com probably paid Omnis to handle the hard work while they set up the page. Omnis is the official "owner" of the domain name, and the real owners' names are hidden from view.
Any other thoughts as to find out who the real owners are? I mean, aside from going to their donate page and calling the phone number for Progress for America, but that won't really tell me about the website, will it? Just about Progress for America. Perhaps if I ask nicely, somebody will confirm for me that they own the site. I'll try it out.
As to the gag-blog (again, I stress this brilliant satire,) the internic approach is useless since the domain is actually blogspot.com, and harrietmiers is the folder on the blogspot server where the site's pages reside (as Snyder points out.) I'm going to need another approach to ferrett this information out. Suggestions?


Blogger Luke said...

whois.net goes a little deeper...

11:47 PM

Blogger Piotr Konieczny said...

Good luck with your search. You may want to ask that question at some relevant Internet forums and Usenet and see if any experts give you some useful tips.

8:00 PM


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